Help Wanted

As you may know on April 28 and 29th I am setting out to break the world record for The Most Speeches In 24 Hours right here in the greater St. Louis area, the current record is held by Ralph Nader at 21 speeches. In order to execute 22 or more speeches, I am in dire need of help, I need more locations and people who can help out with the event or just simply be in the attendance at each stop. 

Each speech has to be given at a different location and last at least 10 minutes. Each speech has to have at least 10 people in the audience at a location open to the public for my record to count. 

The reason I am doing this is to show love for my hometown in addition to raising money for two awesome local non-profit organizations. 

What do you say, can you help? 

1. Forward this info on and get your friends pumped up

2. Commit to being at one or more location (final schedule will be posted the week of the 25th)

3. We need more locations (please contact Scott at or input info bellow)

Join my team and let's show how much we love the Lou!

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