Lets Do Something Amazing Together

I can finally let you all in on a secret. I will attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most speeches within a 24-hour period starting in downtown St. Louis at 9 A.M., April 28th and ending Friday morning, April 29th at St. Charles Community College at 8:30 A.M. Each of my speeches must be no less than 10 minutes in length and have 10 unique listeners per speech location. Ralph Nader currently holds the world title with 22 speeches. 

I wanted to do this record because I'm tired of the negative perception people have of my beloved city. 

I have lived in Missouri all my life. I was born in Clayton, raised in the first state Capitol, St. Charles. You won't find it a surprise that I am an ordinary guy who loves the chill from the ice of Blues game and the hot seats warmed by the summer sun at a Cardinals game.  My latest friendships started with a beautiful question, where did you go to high school? If I didn't know about the food groups I would only consume toasted ravioli, provel cheese and gooey butter cake. I don't mind if I see white snow cover the top of the Arch on Sunday then Monday I'm outside under sun in 80 degree weather getting a tan line at the Zoo, then on Tuesday being trapped by rain. I can't imagine a better place to call home than a place that was built on perseverance.

Due to my life situations and trials, I persevered and realized at 13 I had a voice for speaking, a voice that can make a difference. I have since then utilized my incredible story to impact lives world-wide from speaking at Congressional briefings in Washington D.C. to high schools, colleges, juvenile centers, and youth organizations across the nation. My journey of hope has taken him internationally to Haiti, Ecuador, England and Kenya. I see my vast experiences as an avenue to encourage others at every event. Winner of a TeenNick Halo Award, Brryan has also been featured as one of People Magazine's "Heroes Among Us" and ABC World News/Diane Sawyer's "Person of the Week." My story may have delivered me around the world but there is no place like home and this is where I want to set an example and make a difference.

I can't travel anywhere without someone asking where I am from to which I respond with great pride. Their response "Must be bad" or "I’m sorry." What is there to be sorry about? I know we have our battles but let's not forget the victories we have already accomplished and the ones to come. I want to draw more positive attention and show the world that this is a great city. I want to do my duty to remind everyone that this is the Show Me State and revive the spirit of St. Louis. 

I believe in extraordinary people.  I believe in ordinary people who do extraordinary things. I believe in STL. 

Sweet Action Brryn Jackson

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I wanted to give the world a gift. I originally wanted to release this to help raise money for my non-profit Hope Is Vital but I feel somethings are better free. Thank you to everybody for a wonderful 25 years. 




a voice to say... Whats The World Missing

If you are not sharing your passions with the world, what is the world missing?

150 years ago 2 brothers journeyed to Kitty Hawk. Their passion for inventing and flying shook the world and created a new form of transportation. Today, flight can take you anywhere. PASSION CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE! If you aren't sharing your passion with the world what's it missing? What bold move can you take that 115 years from now will change the way we look at things? Passion is in all of us but only you can display your true passion because there is only one of you. 

a voice to say... You've Failed.

Abraham Lincoln 

Michael Jordan

Walt Disney 

Henry Ford 

Elvis Presley 

What do all these people have in common?



Some of you would say successful people. What if I told you they had a common trait of Failure, but they conquered anyway? 

Abe Lincoln failed one election after another and suffered from depression. Michael Jordan didn't make his high school basketball team. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination. Henry Ford's businesses left him broke five times before he had his break through. Elvis Presley was told by his music teacher he should give up. 

Failure doesn't mean you should give up. It's an opportunity for success, that is a learning opportunity. Thomas Edison a fellow failure said "I have not failed, I have found 10,000 ways that won't work." 

Greatness is to conquer mountains. It's going to be a long way to the top. It will be messy. You will fall. You will fail, but you have the choice to continue to get back up and continue to go on and never give up. So far I'm probably on my 999th attempt but who's counting. I will conquer my mountains someday but for now I will enjoy the walk in between.


I believe whole heartedly, we were created by the maker of mountains and the one who can move them. As a child of his I can move mine. 

If you don't have the bruise, the scrapes and the dirt, how do you have a story to tell?

The world might not be ready for you yet because greatness always catches people by surprise. 

May perseverance be your friend. 



a voice to say... Mod-der-ra-tion

Working out 24/7 doesn't make you a more healthy person quicker.  Not eating won't make you that healthy skinny that has become trendy. Taking a 20 credit hour semester doesn't guarantee you walk out of college with a 4.0 and a job lined up. In fact, going overboard for quick results rarely gets us the ending we're looking for. 

Doing things in excess or to the extreme often has a more negative than positive impact. Working out too much typically leads to injury. Starving yourself causes major health problems. Taking those extra classes could mean burning out or over stress and ultimately lowering your GPA and ability to focus.

Expecting extreme measures to give medium results usually misses the mark. There's a reason for the "happy medium" mentality. If you really think about it, most of the things we desire lie in the center of a balance. Moderate exercise and healthy portions grant a happy, healthy body. Balancing credit hours, enough sleep, and rest time create a more profitable learning experience. The best places in life are usually results of moderation. 

I plan on starting to live with more moderation. It is a practice, but the results are what I'm after. Practicing moderation also helps avoid the damage that extremes like to create. So join me in living a life finding the balance. Find areas in life that you've been expecting extreme measures to give you happiness.