a voice to say... Lets Talk About Mental Health

a voice to say... Lets Talk About Mental Health

Let me put some things in perspective on life coaching, counseling, and therapy...

a voice to say... What Are You Going To Do About It?

Today is Book Lovers Day! This year I set a goal to expand my knowledge by reading 52 books this year. On book number 13 I hit a place where I wanted to give up because I felt like nothing was changing in my life. I then realized that knowledge is only power if you take action. 

Knowledge without action is just clutter collecting dust in our mental space. Its time that we start applying the things we know in life and see the results blossom. You were given a blessing to have the ability to obtain knowledge but you are also blessed with the ability to take that energy and put it into momentum. The world loves to learn but we only get behind and follow those who take action and produce outcomes. People don't care if your the smartest persons in the room, they care about what you're doing to make society better. 

Sometimes in life we have all this knowledge and don't even know where to start taking action. My encouragement is that you start somewhere and don't worry about it being perfect. Maybe you need accountability to give you ideas of where to start. If that is what you are looking for. Reach out to me and lets get you started on a 90 day program to live a life worth a legacy. 


BONUS: Here are the books I have read so far....

1. Vision Map by Joel Malm

2. How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge by Clay Scroggins

3. Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio 

4. Tales Of Beetle and Barg by JK Rowling

5. 41 Will Come by Chuck E. Tate

6. Cavetime by Jeff Voth 

7. 30 Day Mental Diet 

8. Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines 

9. The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix

10. Crushing It by Gary Vanerchuck 

11. Crush It by Gary V 

12. Sandcastle Kings by Rich Wilkerson Jr. 

13. UnF*Ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop 

14. Love Does by Bob Goff 

15. Creativity INC by Ed Mull 

16. Hypnosis by Leonard Moore 

17. Fully You By Joel Malm 

18. The Richest Man In Babylon by George Carlson 

19. The Subtle Art of not Giving A Fu*K by Mark Manson

20. The Prosperous Coach by Rich Chandler 

21. 37 Ways To Boost Coaching by Rich Chandler 

22. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kawasaki

23. 7 Levels Of Communication by Matt Maher

24.Everybody, Always by Bob Goff 

25. How To Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith

26. How To Influence People by Robert Moore

27. StoryBrand by Donald Miller 

28. School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

29. Believe It by Nick Foles

30. The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg

31. Life On Fire by John Oleary 

32. The Rabbi's Heartbeat by Brennon Manning

33. The Art Of Memoir by Mary Karr

34. The Prayer Of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson






a voice to say... Dare

True Story: 

Back in high school I was dared to try out for a sport. 

That sport was 💥CHEERLEADING💥. 

I was great at picking up chicks. My squad was the best and did way cooler things that made me look cool just standing with them. 

My squad did so many amazing things, we went on to become state champs. (Number one in your home, number one in your hearts ♥️)

I miss my squad but I never stopped being a cheerleader. 

A life coach is not only a coach but your number one supporter and cheerleader. 

I want to be your cheerleader, I want to be your encouragement! 

G-O YOU! 📣

So question... How can I be cheering for you and encouraging you this week? How can I do that for your life? 

Let’s get ☕️ and chat. (I dare you 😉)

Lets Do Something Amazing Together

I can finally let you all in on a secret. I will attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most speeches within a 24-hour period starting in downtown St. Louis at 9 A.M., April 28th and ending Friday morning, April 29th at St. Charles Community College at 8:30 A.M. Each of my speeches must be no less than 10 minutes in length and have 10 unique listeners per speech location. Ralph Nader currently holds the world title with 22 speeches. 

I wanted to do this record because I'm tired of the negative perception people have of my beloved city. 

I have lived in Missouri all my life. I was born in Clayton, raised in the first state Capitol, St. Charles. You won't find it a surprise that I am an ordinary guy who loves the chill from the ice of Blues game and the hot seats warmed by the summer sun at a Cardinals game.  My latest friendships started with a beautiful question, where did you go to high school? If I didn't know about the food groups I would only consume toasted ravioli, provel cheese and gooey butter cake. I don't mind if I see white snow cover the top of the Arch on Sunday then Monday I'm outside under sun in 80 degree weather getting a tan line at the Zoo, then on Tuesday being trapped by rain. I can't imagine a better place to call home than a place that was built on perseverance.

Due to my life situations and trials, I persevered and realized at 13 I had a voice for speaking, a voice that can make a difference. I have since then utilized my incredible story to impact lives world-wide from speaking at Congressional briefings in Washington D.C. to high schools, colleges, juvenile centers, and youth organizations across the nation. My journey of hope has taken him internationally to Haiti, Ecuador, England and Kenya. I see my vast experiences as an avenue to encourage others at every event. Winner of a TeenNick Halo Award, Brryan has also been featured as one of People Magazine's "Heroes Among Us" and ABC World News/Diane Sawyer's "Person of the Week." My story may have delivered me around the world but there is no place like home and this is where I want to set an example and make a difference.

I can't travel anywhere without someone asking where I am from to which I respond with great pride. Their response "Must be bad" or "I’m sorry." What is there to be sorry about? I know we have our battles but let's not forget the victories we have already accomplished and the ones to come. I want to draw more positive attention and show the world that this is a great city. I want to do my duty to remind everyone that this is the Show Me State and revive the spirit of St. Louis. 

I believe in extraordinary people.  I believe in ordinary people who do extraordinary things. I believe in STL. 

Sweet Action Brryn Jackson

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I wanted to give the world a gift. I originally wanted to release this to help raise money for my non-profit Hope Is Vital but I feel somethings are better free. Thank you to everybody for a wonderful 25 years. 




a voice to say... Whats The World Missing

If you are not sharing your passions with the world, what is the world missing?

150 years ago 2 brothers journeyed to Kitty Hawk. Their passion for inventing and flying shook the world and created a new form of transportation. Today, flight can take you anywhere. PASSION CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE! If you aren't sharing your passion with the world what's it missing? What bold move can you take that 115 years from now will change the way we look at things? Passion is in all of us but only you can display your true passion because there is only one of you. 

a voice to say... You've Failed.

Abraham Lincoln 

Michael Jordan

Walt Disney 

Henry Ford 

Elvis Presley 

What do all these people have in common?



Some of you would say successful people. What if I told you they had a common trait of Failure, but they conquered anyway? 

Abe Lincoln failed one election after another and suffered from depression. Michael Jordan didn't make his high school basketball team. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination. Henry Ford's businesses left him broke five times before he had his break through. Elvis Presley was told by his music teacher he should give up. 

Failure doesn't mean you should give up. It's an opportunity for success, that is a learning opportunity. Thomas Edison a fellow failure said "I have not failed, I have found 10,000 ways that won't work." 

Greatness is to conquer mountains. It's going to be a long way to the top. It will be messy. You will fall. You will fail, but you have the choice to continue to get back up and continue to go on and never give up. So far I'm probably on my 999th attempt but who's counting. I will conquer my mountains someday but for now I will enjoy the walk in between.


I believe whole heartedly, we were created by the maker of mountains and the one who can move them. As a child of his I can move mine. 

If you don't have the bruise, the scrapes and the dirt, how do you have a story to tell?

The world might not be ready for you yet because greatness always catches people by surprise. 

May perseverance be your friend. 



a voice to say... Mod-der-ra-tion

Working out 24/7 doesn't make you a more healthy person quicker.  Not eating won't make you that healthy skinny that has become trendy. Taking a 20 credit hour semester doesn't guarantee you walk out of college with a 4.0 and a job lined up. In fact, going overboard for quick results rarely gets us the ending we're looking for. 

Doing things in excess or to the extreme often has a more negative than positive impact. Working out too much typically leads to injury. Starving yourself causes major health problems. Taking those extra classes could mean burning out or over stress and ultimately lowering your GPA and ability to focus.

Expecting extreme measures to give medium results usually misses the mark. There's a reason for the "happy medium" mentality. If you really think about it, most of the things we desire lie in the center of a balance. Moderate exercise and healthy portions grant a happy, healthy body. Balancing credit hours, enough sleep, and rest time create a more profitable learning experience. The best places in life are usually results of moderation. 

I plan on starting to live with more moderation. It is a practice, but the results are what I'm after. Practicing moderation also helps avoid the damage that extremes like to create. So join me in living a life finding the balance. Find areas in life that you've been expecting extreme measures to give you happiness. 

a voice to say... Don't Let The Haters Get You Down

“The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him. Allow me to assure you that suspicion and jealousy never did help any man in any situation. There may sometimes be ungenerous attempts to keep a young man down; and they will succeed, too, if he allows his mind to be diverted from its true channel to brood over the attempted injury. Cast about and see if this feeling has not injured every person you have ever known to fall into it.” –Abraham Lincoln

Everyone has the potential to do something extraordinary. Everything you need to succeed in life is open to you the minute you enter this world; it’s all just what you make of it. Beyond that, you can’t let others get in the way of your success. Whether they intend to or not, the people we surround ourselves with make a huge impact on us. If you surround yourself with the kind of people you want to become, then you never have to be suspicious or suspect that they wish to harm you. If you surround yourself with people that have no inspiration or encouragement, then you will become distracted from your ultimate goals. I have been wanting to transition into a healthier lifestyle.  I have been trying to surround myself with people that also find this a worthy goal. I can’t keep going if the people around me are holding me back or don’t have the same visions as I do for moving forward not being idle.

Not only was Lincoln referring to the company we keep, but he was also giving advice on how to handle when others do get you down.  There is no time to cry over spilt milk. Learn from the experience and move on so you don’t lose any more time to those that wish to keep you from your goals. Try and try again is all you can do. No dwelling on the past and failures. You can’t move forward if you are looking behind. In today’s language, “don’t let the haters get you down”. Focus on the goal and PERSEVERE the obstacles. Keep your eye on the prize and not on the people behind.

What are your goals and what’s holding you back? If there are people who don’t believe in you, how do you forgive and move on for your sake? Never forget this, everyone has the opportunity to do something extraordinary out of the ordinary.  You have the ability to leave a legacy, DON’T LET ANYONE DENY YOU THIS RIGHT. 

a voice to say... Don't Falter

First off, I want to apologize for missing my post last week.  In an effort to make it up to all of you, I will be covering two of the Abraham Lincoln’s Rules of Conduct series in this post.  These rules are closely tied to each other, and I am excited to share my thoughts on them with you.  

Abraham Lincoln said, “Let none falter who thinks he is right.”  Let’s break this down a little bit.  First of all, according to Webster’s dictionary falter means “to stop being strong or successful.”  Lincoln probably did not mean just be stubborn if you think that you are right.  By the definition, a lack of success is a sign of faltering.  So if you think you are right, you will be succeeding.  I think that can be the measure of if you really are right.  When you are right, there are positive results that demonstrate that.  

 Not only do you have to stand firmly when you are right, but you also have to stay humble.  I've been working on not celebrating so much when I am right.  It is a real struggle to resist saying “I told you so,” but I am working every day to avoid it.  A sore winner is probably worse than a sore loser.  It is also important to be able to admit to being wrong sometimes. If you know you are wrong, then humbly admit it.  Staying humble in either scenario can be a tricky balance, but be vulnerable. 

Along the same lines as the first rule, Lincoln also addressed how to act toward others when they are right.  "Stand with anybody that stands right. Stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." I don't think anyone should come to the defense of people out of purely a feeling of loyalty.  Sure it is nice to feel like defending your loved ones, but you should be able to confront them about being wrong.  I don't want people to stand by me when I am wrong.  I would rather they point out to me that I am wrong instead of jumping to my defense in spite of my wrongness.  Nothing is gained by defending someone in the wrong.  They will never realize they are wrong if no one tells them.  

It is important not to stand by people who are wrong for more than just their own sake.  Standing with someone who is wrong reflects badly back on you.  You can quickly become guilty by association.  In each circumstance, honesty and vulnerability are key to following both of these rules.  Be honest if you are wrong, and be honest if someone else is wrong.  

I want to hear back from YOU!  How do you feel about Lincoln’s Rules?  Are any of them true for you?  Do any of them feel like they apply to your life?  Comment back and let me know what you think!  Also, I have some more 

a voice to say... Truth Is

According to Abraham Lincoln “The fact is, truth is your truest friend, no matter what the circumstances are.” There’s not a lot of people who will tell you the whole truth. There’s no bending the truth.  The truth is straight as an arrow.  

Some people think that ignorance is bliss, but that’s not the case.  It’s a rare gift to find a friend that will tell you the truth.  Think about the last time someone told you that you had something in your teeth or maybe that it’s time to make those career changes you’ve been too scared to do.  It takes a lot of courage to tell someone the truth, but it also takes a lot of vulnerability to receive the truth.  It’s not always popular to tell the truth.  It’s not always diplomatic or “politically correct” to tell the undiluted truth. It's scary to be totally truthful but if you really care about someone, isn't it worth it? 

The same goes for receiving the truth. "Truth is your truest friend" means that truth is there. Truth stands by you as you make good decisions. Truth is reliable and dependable. Truth remains even if no one else does. The truth will set you free. 

Lincoln said "no matter what the circumstances are" is the condition of truth being your friend. Even if the truth hurts, it's still your friend. Even if the truth causes celebration, it's your friend. That goes for telling the truth also. The truth may cause the end of relationships or jobs or whatever but the best of those can survive the truth. 

So start telling and receiving the truth. Let's journey together to give the truth and be humble receivers of the truth. 

a voice to say... Be Silent

In last week’s post, I began a discussion on Abraham Lincoln’s Rules of Conduct.  I would like to continue talking about each rule, because they contain wisdom.  Lincoln was an imperfect man just like everyone.  Everyone is imperfect.  Despite his imperfections, he still held society to a higher standard.  So let’s strive together to start making positive changes in ourselves to enact change in the world around us.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

Finding the balance between being silent and speaking out is a struggle for everyone.  Words have power so it can be intimidating to use them even when it’s right.  Words are permanent in a way that nothing else we do can be.  Since they are permanent and so powerful, it is incredibly important to be wise in choosing them.  I think what Lincoln was trying to get at is the idea of making your words show you aren’t a fool.  If you are going to speak, make it worthwhile.  If you are going to put yourself out there permanently through your words, they better be words to make the world better.  It’s kind of like what another great President Teddy Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Stay silent when your anger bubbles up and hurtful words are anxiously waiting.  Stay silent when someone cuts you off in traffic and all you want to do is scream.  Stay silent if all you have to say will break someone down.  

But don’t stay silent when someone is being mistreated.  Don’t stay silent when someone tries to gossip with you, say no.  Don’t stay silent instead of apologizing when you were wrong.  Don’t stay silent when you feel prompted to speak into someone’s life.

There’s no list of rules to tell you when to speak and when to be silent.  It is all discernment, which can be gained through knowledge, wisdom, or even prayer over every situation

a voice to say… Don't Try

I was waiting in the principal’s office to have lunch with my brothers when I came across the following…

Abraham Lincoln’s Rules of Conduct:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

The fact is, truth is your truest friend, no matter what the circumstances are.

Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.

The way for a young man to improve himself ever way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him.

Quarrel not at all. No man resolved to make the most of himself can spare time for personal contention.

By all means don’t say “if I can,” say “I will.”

Let none falter who thinks he is right.

I say “try.” If we never try, we shall never succeed.

Stand with anybody that stands right. Stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.


I love these rules.  They are a great list of things to live by.  There is one rule that I disagree with Lincoln about using the word “try.”  He used “try” as a motivation toward success, but that is no longer enough.  As motivation for today, I think he is right in saying that we should use “I will” instead of “if I can.” Everyone always says they are going to try.  “I will try to be at this party.”  “I will try to get good grades.”  “I will try to be humble.”  Using “try” seems like an ok option.  I mean we can’t control every outcome, but I believe using “try” makes failing an option.  In this country, everyone looks for the easy way.  Saying you will try to do something gives you a cop out option.  It makes falling short allowed, because you never promised you would come through.  It’s the sneaky way to avoid promises.  It’s the sneaky way to allow compromise.

Instead of saying “try”, say you will.  Hold yourself accountable to success.  Make yourself vulnerable by asking others to trust you to come through.  Set a higher standard for yourself.  Make your yays mean yay and your nays mean nay.  Be someone who stands by their word and makes things happen.  Dreams don’t come true through trying; they come true through doing.  I don’t just try to share my story with others; I do.  We are not called to be lukewarm.  We are called to be fiercely dedicated to changing the world.  We are called to be on fire or ice, not wishy washy in words.  Don’t be wishy washy.  Don’t be lukewarm.  Don’t allow failure to be an option.  Get out there and DO!

a voice to say... Stop Waiting

This week I thought it would be fun to team up and blog with one of my best friends, Thom Loeffler. Thom and I have had countless adventures together and encourage one another to be dreamers or chance takers. We constantly dream of how to serve others and glorify God in all we do. Seven weeks ago, I scribbled about taking a leap of faith and pursuing what you are passionate for after we both attended the Storyline conference in San Diego. I would like to revisit this topic because, in a way, Thom is a good example of someone who took a leap of faith and still is in pursuit of his hopes. After visiting Haiti with a local church in 2010, he quickly discovered that he had a spot in his heart for orphans in an undeveloped country. After returning home from his travels and trying the whole go to school and get an education thing, he could not find comfort; his heart was still in Haiti. Instead of ignoring the problem, he found a solution and packed up his belongings and headed for Haiti. He then spent the last 3 years there living among Haitians, serving the fatherless and helping others who had a heart like his care for those orphans. One thing he noticed was the pride some Americans have when they came to visit. It is not rocket science to know that the citizens of Haiti have it different and they do not have access to some or most of the things we do. Is that necessarily wrong? Should we get them to adapt to our ways of living? ABSOLUTELY NOT! During the 3 years Thom lived there, he humbled himself in this response and had a new vision to stop world hunger by returning to America to open a restaurant with a one for one meal concept. Even though he is still in the beginning stage of this journey, he constantly trying to make his vision become a reality. Here are some words of wisdom of a man I am blessed to call my brother:


-Cowboy Jack


Stop Living in the “ER”

 I’m a working class citizen by day, an aspiring entrepreneur by night and a full time dreamer. The truth is I suck at three out of three of those things. It’s because I spend too much time in the “ER” with the rest of us. And to be honest I don’t think there’s too much space left in the waiting room.

 Now I’m not talking about that dreaded place of worry, germs, battle scars and high prices. Instead I’m talking about OUR hunger. Our hunger for things that seem biggER, fastER, hippER and cheapER than the things we already have. The “ER” is where excess thrives and where genuine dreams go to die.

 It’s 2014, I believe we are both blessed and cursed to live in 2014. Just think of all the great things that we have that we didn’t years ago and most of these things are a result of people not living and spending too much time in the “ER.” Great! Right? Wrong,

 The problem with this is we are living to compete with comparison. To catch up. To stay ahead. That new car your friend has? Great! Now you want newER! That killer new position your co-worker just landed? Ugh. You wanted it now you want bettER! The story is everywhere and it’s all the same.

 Now how does this kill dreams? Well the dream of our generation is unfortunately the praise of success by excess and all its fanfare - too much time going after the ER and not focusing on what matters.

 It’s easy to dream because no one really fails at it until you start living those dreams with your eyes open. We start with big aspirations followed by huge steps like moving or quitting our jobs because that seems to be the thing that dreamers do, see in our dreams we don’t fail nor do we take baby-steps to get there. By taking cues from other people, we jeopardize our full potential.


Now that you've heard from Thom, what do you think? Let's discuss!



a voice to say... You're Beautiful

“Don’t need makeup, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough” One Direction nailed it with their “What Makes You Beautiful” song.

This is a message to all you ladies.  You are all beautiful!  What is true beauty?  Does it come from perfect hair and clothes? Do you really need makeup to be beautiful?  From a guy’s perspective, there are naturally beautiful girls out there hiding their beauty with layers of makeup.  What is the cost of beauty in a world where girls feel like they look sick without masking themselves? 

In my opinion, most girls look a million times better when they show the way God intended them to look.  They let their hearts communicate their beauty rather than products they buy in the makeup aisles at Target.  True confidence will never come out of a bottle or makeup brush.  True confidence comes from embracing the person God made you to be.  That confidence is inner beauty which obscures and conceals “flaws” better than anything Covergirl can produce. 

So maybe you think makeup helps you a little bit.  It isn’t about the physical attributes of makeup at all.  It’s a heart issue.  Know that you are beautiful.  Be vulnerable in a world saying to hide your true nature.  Make your face an example to others that honesty and vulnerability can have physical applications.  Lead the young women and girls that are in your path to know that they were created in God’s image.  Teach them that it is more important to be lovely on the inside than “lovely” by magazine standards on the outside.  Truly love others by encouraging yourself to be more open. 

What messages are adults sending when 11 year olds think they are ugly without makeup?  How sad that the emphasis on outward appearance is impacting girls so young.  Every girl should feel like a princess no matter what she looks like.  No girl should be made to feel hideous if she removes her mask and lets people see her with no tricks.

Dudes, encourage the ladies in your lives.  Remind them that they are perfectly and wonderfully made.  The world is sending them a lot of hate so counterattack those messages with love and encouragement.  Build them up to see their true value.  Pray them through their struggles of accepting themselves.

Someone told me recently that I can’t sing.  Well how do we know that God likes the way the people on American Idol sing?  I mean the Bible does say that He likes the smell of burning flesh of Old Testament sacrifices.  Obviously human definitions can be wrong so who has the right to tell you what you have to do or have to be beautiful?

I challenge you ladies to go a week without makeup.  If it is really difficult, seek God to help you through it.  Pray for understanding and confidence.  Pray to be able to really and truly love those around you and yourself by throwing off the façade.  If at the end of the week, you have truly seen and accepted your true beauty, you may not even return to makeup.  Don’t take the easy way.  Everything worth having in life comes with a challenge.  Take this challenge and be set free from the bondage of insecurity.

-Boo Boy 

I would like to also give a shout out to my beautiful older sister on her birthday today. Happy birthday sissy.

a voice to say... Phantasmagoria?


Buenos dias! I apologize for not posting last week. I had just landed in my plane from Ecuador on Monday morning and was exhausted from being on a plane for 7 hours. I have been back in the US for a week now so I feel like I am in a great place to share my experiences in Ecuador with you. Two Sundays ago, I felt like I was on top of the world. I was 10,000 feet above sea level looking over the capital city of Ecuador (Quito) and reflecting on my sojourn in an astonishingly beautiful land. Just as a recap, I was very apprehensive about joining this mission trip. There were a lot of unknowns and unfamiliar aspects to the trip, which made me somewhat nervous. I went on the trip knowing that, in spite of my concerns, God would work out everything for His glory.

When I landed, I felt an overwhelming peace descend over me. This was the right trip. This was the right group of 19 people. Together we dug trenches, poured concrete, and saw several volcanoes. The beauty of nature in this country is not something man can replicate. It was a million times beyond what I ever asked or imagined God had in mind for the trip. I even got to participate in a tribal dance, got stuck in deep jungle mud, and river bathed in the amazon. Our hard labor was for the establishment of a church and building a missionary trainer’s house. The jungle pastor’s heart for the people around him was inspirational. God has broken his heart for the lost souls all around him. His church still needs $700 to be completed. I ask you to contact me to join me in this endeavor.

photo credit goes to Justin Bean

photo credit goes to Justin Bean

God has relentless grace. He has changed my ashes for beauty. God’s grace touches every end of the earth. I got to experience that just by seeing what happened in Ecuador. Not only did I see God moving in Ecuador, but I also felt a confirmation in my decision to go on the trip and quitting my job. Knowing this I am confident and so excited for the speaking engagements I have coming up in the next week at Ladue High School and Lindenwood University


A word I discovered that would help sum up the whole trip was “phantasmagoria”, which means “a shifting series of things seen.” I saw a shift from not knowing God’s plan for me on this trip to seeing His work established among His people. What I saw, when we prayed over the church, was a vision of this child becoming a lion. God’s plan doesn’t have an easy way out. You persevere in His comfort away from your understanding and lean on His. God always delivers, but in the flesh we sometimes lack patience for His sovereignty. There is no place His love and comfort cannot reach.


The Child Becomes The Lion

 Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, a child has the potential to become a lion. A pastor weeps for his people and purpose as he prays. A community broken, with a heart of a child, that heart will soon rise in the name of grace and let it roar with compassion. The emotions of a man’s heart will pour onto the lost and there will be paradise. One man’s calling is another man’s discovery. 



My heart is heavy,


a voice to say... Unknowns Are Ok

I'm off to Ecuador for the week. What a crazy, exciting adventure! I have had a lot of anxiety in the time leading up to this trip. I am unfamiliar with most of the people on my team, I am not sure what will be asked of me on this trip, and I am going to the jungle where amoebas and yellow fever are prevalent. This trip is a mission trip with my church. I felt called to go on the trip despite my reservations. There are a lot of unknowns, but that's ok. I have been called to take a leap of faith and trust that God will catch me. I may be going to the jungles of Ecuador, but I am traveling on God's map above all. I am stepping out of my comfort zone that I might truly live the life God has called me to.

Right before I left, I felt this peace overwhelm me. Ecuador is where I am supposed to be and there is such joy in doing what I am called to do. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Pray that God will work through the team to bring Himself glory. Pray that our team will stay healthy and safe throughout our time there. Check back next week to see how my trip went!



a voice to say... Be Honest

When was the last time you were really honest?  When you had stuff going on in your life and instead of covering it up, you were honest with yourself. A time when you were vulnerable and honest with those around you. honesty with ourselves is a step toward perseverance and perseverance makes us stronger in God. 


Are you surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to be vulnerable and messy? People that truly care about you want to see the real YOU. They encourage you to be honest about things you are going through and walk you through those things. You don’t want to wake up in a year or 50 and realize that the people that are “closest” to you don’t know anything about you. Don’t you want to experience the freedom that comes from being known by the people around you? What great relief comes from knowing that you can be fully and truly yourself around people. There is so much less stress when you don’t have to worry about hiding pieces of yourself. Instead of forcing happiness upon you when things are getting tough, people around you should be there for you in the midst of your storm. If people in your life aren’t doing that for you, maybe it is time to look for people that will.


Time for me to be honest with all of you about where I am and what I’ve been feeling lately. Right now I’m at a place where I’m stressed out. I’m ok but not really fine. I’m still trying to grasp how to get Plan A full speed ahead. I have decided on a few steps that I think will take me where I want to go, but I am feeling some impatience to see things start really progressing. 


- America's Sweet Heart 

a voice to say... Take A Leap Of Faith

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to go to not so sunny San Diego.  Last time I was in California, I remember it being sunny.  This time it was like “hey Seattle, what’s up?”  The reason for my trip was for the Storyline Conference.  The conference was created by Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles In 1,000 Years.  This is a conference designed to help attendees get in touch with their story, develop that story, and share that story.  The conference helps find that story that each one of us has.  I also believe that everyone has a story.  Because where there is a past founded in hurt, there is always hope.  Where this is hope, there is a story.  My story has always been pretty obvious to me, but I got to relearn my story through the guidance of the speakers.  Someone once told me that the best way to adapt in society was to learn, unlearn, and relearn.  The information in our society changes so fast that in three years, everything we know is outdated.


The first session featured Donald Miller.  He asked a question that stuck with me throughout the rest of the weekend while I was sitting listening to the other speakers like Jon Acuff and Bob Goff.  The question was “if you don’t share your story, what will the world miss?”  Since I already share my story openly, I kind of flipped the question for myself by asking “what is the world gaining?” If my goal is to live a life of love, faith, and hope in the name of Jesus, I believe that the world would be missing a testimony of His story, not just mine.  That’s why it’s important for me to share my story, because I want to be an example.  Then I asked myself, “what’s my plan to do this?”  I realized I was working on plan B in my life rather than plan A.  Plan A is sharing this message, investing in others, and building up for a greater good.  There will always be a place to fall back on.  It may not be the best place, but there is always a place.  I believe that we were all created to stick with plan A.  We are meant to pursue what we are passionate about.  There will be suffering along the way, but suffering produces more passion. Ever since I was 13, I have wanted to become a public speaker and share this message.  I realized that plan B was all that was happening.  


When I got back, I made some drastic changes to get back to plan A.  I put in my two weeks notice at my job.  Nothing definite is on the horizon, but I know that this step puts me back on the path to my goal.  The only way I can make it work this time is if I fully trust in a bigger picture.  If I suffer for my dream, my passion will get so much stronger.  If I persevere and my dream becomes a reality, it will be so brilliant.  Takeaway is that everyone has a purpose.  Everyone has a crazy wild dream of what they want to do.  This is me saying: just pursue it!  Don’t let anything hold you back!  Take a dive, don’t just get your feet wet! 


- Brry Brry


a voice to say... HEY

Welcome to A Voice To Say! This is an opportunity for us to live, laugh, and learn together and talk about real issues.  I hope to post one blog a week discussing things that have been on my heart, things I think are phenomenal, and the crazy adventures I have while I experience life to the fullest.  I dream of A Voice To Say being a venue to allow not only me a place to talk about what’s important, but also to give all of you a voice to say what needs to be said.  I want to create an open and safe place for heart-to-heart conversations.  Even if it’s just a “hey”, we all have times we need a voice to speak out for us or along with us.    


I want to start out our journey together by sharing some of my thoughts and inspirations from a conference I attended recently.  Following that, I want to go on an adventure to be excellent.  Excellence comes through a lot of small steps and brave changes.  Beyond that, I want to hear from YOU.  What do you need a voice to say on your behalf?  Get ready Pilgrims for an excellent adventure!


-Sweet Action Brryan Jackson