a voice to say... HEY

Welcome to A Voice To Say! This is an opportunity for us to live, laugh, and learn together and talk about real issues.  I hope to post one blog a week discussing things that have been on my heart, things I think are phenomenal, and the crazy adventures I have while I experience life to the fullest.  I dream of A Voice To Say being a venue to allow not only me a place to talk about what’s important, but also to give all of you a voice to say what needs to be said.  I want to create an open and safe place for heart-to-heart conversations.  Even if it’s just a “hey”, we all have times we need a voice to speak out for us or along with us.    


I want to start out our journey together by sharing some of my thoughts and inspirations from a conference I attended recently.  Following that, I want to go on an adventure to be excellent.  Excellence comes through a lot of small steps and brave changes.  Beyond that, I want to hear from YOU.  What do you need a voice to say on your behalf?  Get ready Pilgrims for an excellent adventure!


-Sweet Action Brryan Jackson