On February 24, 2009, after declaring before congress that HIV was in need of a new meaning several year ago founder, Brryan Jackson, filed for Organization status in the state of MO, and thus began Hope Is Vital. In the years since Hope Is Vital has worked alongside the government, schools, camps, and churches to provide education, hope and empowerment through life’s adverse circumstances.

 Hope Is Vital exists to provide HIV education, to prevent the spread of HIV, and to disband the myths and negative stigma related to being HIV positive. To the glory of God, Hope is Vital offers hope and inspiration to overcome adversity and empower others to make a difference.


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In life we go from being carried to learning how to walk, to baby steps, to one step at a time and before you know it we are going to take leaps of faith. What helps us make it, when we aren’t sure? The answer is simple… its hope. Hope Is Vital.