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Brryan Jeffery Ray Jackson, an eligible bachelor native to the St. Louis area has an extraordinary story of survival. When he was 11 months old, his own father, who had worked in the medical field, injected him with HIV-tainted blood. Offering no hope to Brryan’s family, doctors diagnosed Brryan, then five years old, with AIDS. Believing they had done everything they could to save his life, physicians expected him to die. By God’s grace, he defied the odds and lives on to represent a story of hope, courage, forgiveness and faith. Wanting an avenue to share his story and encourage others, Brryan, on his 18th birthday, established a nonprofit organization called Hope Is Vital. Today, Hope Is Vital is a catalyst for hope by inspiring others to overcome adversity and become empowered to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Brryan knows that education is the key to eliminating the spread of HIV and reducing the negative stigma related tobeing HIV positive. He also realizes that through dedicated efforts, everyone can help disband myths and reduce discrimination and misunderstandings associated with disabilities, health diagnoses, and diversity. Hope Is Vital believes that it is not what you can get out of life but what you can give back. One’s choice is either victim or victory.

My story is constantly writing itself. It wasn’t until my darkest hour that I realized I had something to share. This message is not only my own, but one of something greater than myself.